Aptos Computer Repair Service

There are plenty of common computer problems in Aptos that businesses and personal users end up getting stuck with. We’ll help you overcome common problems so that you can make the most out of your PC or other electronic device. Our team offers some of the best repair services in the area, and we can help get your systems running right in our center or at your location.


Fix at Your Location

We’ll send a technician right over to your location so you don’t have to worry about driving out to our center with your broken system. Whether you need system repairs, hardware replacements or you just want some maintenance done, we can help give you what you need. We’ll save you time and allow you to continue building up your business while all your computer issues are resolved.


Repair Software

Most of the time when you have an issue with your desktop or laptop computer, it’s because of software problems, not a hardware thing. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to replace a computer just because it isn’t working properly. Instead of resorting to this, you could hire an expert to come in and look at your machine to make the necessary repairs. Doing this saves you a whole lot of money. We offer software-based repairs and have the tools and equipment to make diagnostic decisions and to determine what changes need to be made to make the most of your electronics.


Hardware Fixes

The hardware or parts of a machine will all go bad someday, which is why we offer a hardware repair service. We can assess the different parts in your system and determine if they are functioning properly or not. When we find something that isn’t doing its job, we can replace it or make an upgrade to get your system running properly once again. We’ll also help upgrade your Microsoft or Apple computer so that it runs a game that you want to play if that’s what you need.


Repair Mac Systems

Mac or Apple computers are more difficult to repair than they once were, and for this reason many companies won’t work with them any longer. We believe in offering a comprehensive repair service and we are happy to treat all Apple products. If you have an issue with one of your devices in Aptos, bring it by our center or give us a call and we can come and fix the issue for you. You’ll be enjoying a fully functioning system before you know it.


Upgrade or Repair Windows Systems

Microsoft Windows is one of the most common operating systems used on computers today, but it develops problems over time. We can help resolve those issues, or even install a fresh copy of Windows on your machine to get it running like brand new. If you want a more feature-rich version of Windows, we can also upgrade the current model of Windows that you have for something better instead. No matter what your issue is with Windows, we can help resolve it for you.


Recover Data

Whether you have important family photos or client data, there is likely important data on your computers that you don’t want to lose. IF the unthinkable happens and your data is corrupted, and you can’t access it any longer for some reason, we can help you recover that information. We can’t recover information from every failed device, but many times we’re able to access data thanks to our advanced tools, equipment and programs designed specifically for that purpose.


Backup Data Help

The best way to avoid losing your data in the first place is to rely on advanced backup techniques to ensure that it’s all safely stored away. There are several different ways to do this and we’ll provide you with the equipment or give you advice on how to safely store all your data and make regular backups of it. This low-maintenance technique will ensure that your information is protected and that you’ll have access to it whenever you need it.


Solve Virus Related Issues

A single virus can slow down your system, and it’s common to get many at one time. If you realize that you have a virus, or you are just having trouble with your system, we can solve your issues and get it running effectively once again. We’ll scan your system for possible problems and figure out how to clean up your computer to get it running again properly.


Speed up Your Computer

Slow computers are tiresome to use and they can really hurt your productivity not only does a slow computer make it hard to do things like check email or handle regular tasks, but it also can slow down business productivity and cost you money. We can look over your systems and figure out just how to speed them up. We’ll make changes to your computer, clean up your laptop and getting running properly once again.


Repair Laptop Computers

Laptop computers are highly convenient, but they fail just like standard desktop computers. The only difference is that they are more difficult to repair after they fail. We work on laptops and offer repair services to customers all over the Aptos area. That means that if your system has problems you can bring it in to our center and a technical will examine it to look for hardware and software problems. We’ll quickly offer you solutions and should be able to tell you if the laptop can be repaired or if you should consider upgrading to a new system.


Fix Mobile Devices

Mobile products like tablets and smartphones often have problems as well. We work on devices like iPhones, Blackberry products, Google phones, Android devices and a bunch more. We’ll replace the cameras, fix the battery port and even replace the battery in different devices. If you have a broken mobile device, give us a call and find out what your options are.


Repair Issues Under Warranty

Computer repairs are not cheap, but most devices come with a multi-year warranty after the purchase. If you have a product that is relatively new, it’s possible you can have the issues fixed under warranty. This is a cheap option that will allow you to have the repairs made without paying for it. We offer warranty repair services and can get your system up and running in less time than a standard manufacturer can. That means by working with us you can save yourself some time and effort.


Custom Built Computers

For most people, it’s more than fine to go ahead and buy a standard computer. It will take care of word processing and most standard business tasks without an issue. Not everyone should just randomly buy a computer though. Some people should consider having a custom one built instead. If you are engineering, programming, are doing other computer-intensive tasks, it’s a good idea to look at custom solutions that will handle the tasks as capably as possible. We can get you set up for gaming with the latest games, or help you come up with another solution depending on what your computer usage is.


Computers are complex machines and can be quite expensive to maintain. If you are interested in getting the most out of the computers around your home or business, you’ll probably have to deal with maintenance and repair tasks after a while. We can help you through this process if you aren’t sure about it. Give us a call and we can fix your current systems, upgrade them to better performance or replace them with something that is going to last you for many years of regular use.


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