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Every computer and mobile device will wear out over time, and if you don’t want to have to replace every product that you have when it wears out, it’s important that you know of a skilled professional in the Ben Lomond area to help you repair your items when something happens to them. We specialize in repairing computers, mobile devices and printers, and can get your items up and running once again if anything happens to them.


Repair in Place

It’s a big inconvenience to have to bring a broken computer or mobile device to a repair shop. Fortunately, we offer our customers a repair service that will go straight to their homes or offices. If you have a system that isn’t functioning properly, we can offer you repair help to get it up and running and you won’t have to go anywhere to use our services. An expert technician will come out to your location and use programs to figure out what needs to be fixed right there.


Software Fixes in Your System

Every system relies on software to run properly and the type of software that’s used depends on the computer and what it needs to do. If you have an issue with your computer, but it still turns on properly, chances are good it just needs a software-based repair. We offer software repair services and can fix a laptop or desktop computer that suffers from software problems. If you are having this type of an issue, get in touch with us and find out how to have it fixed.


Fixed Hardware

There’s no reason to be stuck with a computer that doesn’t function properly. If you get into that situation we can come and make hardware repairs for you. If a part in the computer goes bad, or several parts, it likely won’t start up properly any longer and you’ll be stuck with a machine that simply doesn’t do what it is supposed to. We can diagnose that system and figure out exactly what is wrong with it. If you are having problems, we’ll look and replace any damaged hardware, or upgrade your system to run better with improved hardware.


Repair Mac Systems

Apple computers are becoming more popular today and many people have trouble getting repair help when they have these types of computers. If you have an Apple-based computer it can take a long time to get it fixed if you need to rely on a traditional Mac store. To speed up the process you can visit us at our shop and we’ll look at your system and make any repairs that it needs. We work on desktop computers, laptops, iPhone and iPad products.


Reinstall or Upgrade Windows

Most systems today run on Microsoft Windows software. I’m not saying that it’s the best solution, but it is one of the most popular. Windows degrades over time and can become seriously cluttered. If you are having an issue with your system running slow or having problems, you can usually get it resolved by simply having Windows reinstalled. We’ll install a new copy of Windows on your system and give you like-new performance again. We can also improve the current copy of Windows by upgrading it to a new system instead.


Data Protection

All the important data stored in your computer needs to be taken care of to avoid problems from occurring. If you are careless with data, you could easily lose all the valuable files that you have. That’s why we offer backup services where we will help store all your valuable information onto a drive or another storage device to help protect it. We’ll give advice and help set up a solution to help save all your valuable information. If you don’t backup your data and it gets lost there is a chance that you won’t be able to get it back again. If you find yourself in that situation, we can help restore your valuable data as well. We can’t save every hard drive or storage device that we work with, but we can use special tools and software to get data off many of them.


Remove Viruses

If your computer slows down or stops working properly, there is a chance that you have a major virus that needs treating. We can search your system for viruses and rely on programs like a PC-Doctor software suite to treat the problem and clean up your system. It will get faster in the process and start working properly once again. There is a chance that we’ll have to reinstall Windows and make other changes after removing the virus, but we’ll do what is needed to get your system running properly once again.


Speed a Slow System

Over time many computers slow down and stop functioning properly. As this happens it can be frustrating and leave you with a situation that you really don’t want to deal with. If this happens, you shouldn’t throw away your computer like you’ll probably want to. We can fix most slowdown issues by cleaning up the programs, clearing out the memory and stopping processes from running that aren’t necessary. Through some simple fixes, we’ll get your system streamlined and running much more effectively.


Bring Laptops Back to Life

Laptop computers are much more difficult to work on than desktops are, they cram parts into a small space and make them difficult to access. With that said, we have the capabilities to work on most laptop computers. If you have a Microsoft, Apple or Google system, we can likely work on it and make repairs as needed. We’ll look over the product, determine what the issues are and make fixes as necessary along the way.


Repair Your Mobile

If you have damaged mobile devices you know just how expensive it can be to have them repaired or to replace them. Many people simply deal with having a broken screen because they cannot afford to buy a new phone. We work on smartphones, tablets and other products to fix issues like batteries, the charge port, the screen and other issues.


Warranty Repair

We fully support every repair that we make on customer computers. That’s why we offer a warranty on each fix that we make so that you can use your system with confidence. There’s no reason to worry about issues with your computer, because we’ll help keep it running properly after making a repair and we’ll offer our services to you for any additional problems that you encounter as well.


Custom Built Computers

A good quality custom built computer will allow you to get the full potential out of your computing experience. IT doesn’t matter if you are a gamer, a professional programmer, if you are engineering the next great vehicle or tackling some other difficult task. We can help you come up with the best computer for your needs and then we’ll build it for you and warranty the product as well. That’s much better than picking up a refurbished product.


Repair Professional Printers

Professional printers are expensive and they are very important to most businesses. Unfortunately, they are known for breaking down and then they need to be repaired. If you have issues with your printer, we can send in a technician to look at it and will likely be able to offer a fix for it at an affordable rate. With our help your system will be back online in no time, and you’ll have your issue resolved so that you can go back to enjoying the product once again.


Computers, printers, mobile devices are all hard to repair and maintain. If you run into a problem, call us up and we’ll help you solve it. We serve the Ben Lomond area and surrounding cities.


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