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If you’ve ever had a task that you needed to complete on your computer or mobile device, you know just how frustrating it can be when they stop functioning properly. Unfortunately, these products don’t last forever and it’s common for a computer to fail over time. They just happen to do so at important moments most of the time, leaving you with a real problem to solve. You can either replace the unit entirely, make the repairs yourself or hire someone else to do it. If you don’t want to replace the unit, we can help you make the necessary repairs and save you some money in the process. We’re a complete computer and electronics repair service in the Boulder Creek area and we bring most damaged products back to life.


We’ll Come to You

One of the best features that our company offers is our travelling repair service. We’ll send a technician out to your location to look at your product and make repairs as necessary. That means that you’ll get the repairs to your computer, to your laptop or your mobile device, and you won’t have to waste the time bringing it into our office. Sure, there is an added fee for the service, but all the time that you save with the repair will really help when you don’t have time to spare.


Software Based Repairs

Many times when your system stops functioning properly, there is just a minor software issue that must be resolved. This is something that a seasoned professional can make quick work of. You could get your system repaired and running again the same day that you talk with a technician. Every one of our employees has equipment and tools designed to resolve most software problems. They have a PC-Doctor kit that will allow them to get your system running smoothly so that you can enjoy it once again.


It’s a Hardware Thing

Every computer is equipped with hardware, or parts, that allow it to run properly. These parts will wear out and fail eventually. It’s important for you to be ready for them to fail, so that you can resolve the issue before it causes more problems for you. We deal with hardware problems and can get your system running properly once again. Our technician will look at all the different parts of the system that seem to be causing the problem and either replace them, upgrade them or let you know what the problem is. We’ll even offer refurbishes systems or recommendations of what you should get to replace a unit that cannot be fixed.


Apple Repair

An Apple computer is just like any other that you might encounter, but many companies will not work on them. This is because they are a bit more difficult to fix and less people are familiar with the systems. IF you have a problem with your Mac system, it’s important to find an experienced technician to fix it for you. We supply some of the best professionals to work on both laptop and desktop units. They understand how to solve most common problems and offer cheap prices compared to competitors. You’ll enjoy having a faster computer and won’t have to wait too long for the fixes either.


Modify or Fix Windows

Windows is the software that many computers run on and it occasionally needs to be reinstalled. This can be a complicated task, but our team understands how to do it properly and can put a fresh copy of Windows on your system to help it run better. While replacing the Windows copy on your system we’ll preserve all the important files and ensure that everything is running properly once finished. We can also offer to upgrade your version of Windows to a more modern one if you have a compatible computer. We carry licenses with us to make the upgrades quickly and effectively, and can offer excellent service so you don’t have to wait long.


Recover Data

All the information on your computer is at risk every single time that you access it. That’s because hard drives fail over time. If you have photos or other important files saved on your system, it’s important to be careful with that information. IF anything happens to the drive or it stops functioning properly, you might have trouble getting your stuff back. We specialize in situations like this and can help bring your important files back from the dead. Even a damaged hard drive holds onto data, and we can sometimes pull off data using our specialized tools and software to help you get back the files that mean the most to you.


Back up Important Files

Before you have a chance to lose the most important data to you, it’s a good idea to back them up and protect them on your machine. We help you go through the process, and can offer advice about how to do it properly. IF you are not comfortable handling a backup yourself, we can also do it all for you and give you the storage media that has your files on it. You’ll have a protected version of your most important files and you can then make use of them in any way that you want. We can even set up an automatic backup system that will regularly back up the new files that you put on your machine.


Remove Damaging Viruses

Computer viruses are something that you probably hear about all the time, but something that you might not recognize when you have it. Many of these viruses aren’t obvious like they are in the movies. Instead they just start making your computer difficult to use, or might disable features that you like such as the internet. If you begin having unexplained issues with your system that you were not experiencing before, you should look for viruses as a possible cause of the problem. There are many different types of viruses and we can help you remove them from your system. We’ll scan your computer for any possible infections and use our equipment to remove the infection so that you don’t have to deal with it. Special programs make quick work of most viruses, giving you a computer that you can make use of once again.


Fix a Slow Computer

If your computer is too slow, it’s likely that you are out of memory or you have too many programs running in the background. This happens over time and is a real issue that you’ll have to deal with. Just don’t make the mistake of selling off your computer and replacing it with something else when your system begins to run slowly that because there is an easy solution to the problem and a quick visit from an experienced technician can help you get going with your computer once again. Well look over your computer to determine what is wrong with it, and then remove the issue. We’ll also provide info about potential problems that you have on your system and explain how to avoid them in the future.


Repair Laptop Computers

Laptops are more difficult than desktops to repair, but we can repair most areas of the computer without a problem. If you have a screen failure, the camera stops working, the computer stops turning on, or just about anything else, we can fix the issue for you.


Mobile Repair

Mobile devices like the iPad, the iPhone, Android Galaxy phones, the Kindles Blackberry devices and just about everything else needs to be repaired at some point. That’s because they go bad over time and you are left trying to fix the issue. We know how to fix most of these devices and can do so for you if you run into issues. We’ll replace the screen, give you a new battery, fix the Wi-Fi in the devices and do a bunch of other minor repairs as well.


Warranty Repair

After getting a repair done by our company, we can offer a warranty on that repair for a certain period. That way you feel confident in the repair that you get and you know that you can rely on the fix in the future. If you do run into a problem later that’s linked to our repair, we’ll happily make the required fixes to keep the system running properly.


Custom PC Construction

There is something exciting satisfying about getting a custom-built computer. These machines are designed to offer you exactly what you are looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are a gamer looking for the best frame rates, a serious engineering professional with a need for modeling software or just a business professional with specific computing needs. Either way, we can help you figure out exactly what you need in your system so that you’ll get exactly the performance you are looking for.


If you have electronic troubles, get in touch with us and we’ll help you with your devices. We can fix most problems and offer affordable and reliable services.


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