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If you run a business, or just rely on computers regularly in the Capitola area, it’s important that you know of a good repair specialist to ensure that your equipment continues to run properly. Over time, a laptop or desktop computer will eventually wear out. The software, the hardware and the programs themselves all develop issues that must be resolved. This isn’t much of an issue if you are an expert at computers and you know exactly how to handle these problems, but if you don’t know what you are doing you need help or you will waste money on an unnecessary upgrade or on buying a whole new system. We provide that help professionally to businesses in the area.


Get Repairs at Home or Business

When you run into trouble and you need a developer or PC-Doctor to look at your system, you shouldn’t have to bring it in to a shop to get the help that you need. With larger machines this is a serious undertaking, and even with laptops it takes a lot of time to make the trip. We offer technicians that can simply travel to your location and fix your systems for you right there.


Repair and Service Your PC

It’s tough to find a good reliable company to handle things like adding drivers, fixing the software and handling any errors that you run into. Our team can handle all sorts of software issues for you and get your system running properly in no time at all. We’ve encountered most issues on Apple and Windows machines, and we understand the weak points of the systems and how to solve major problems.


Fix an Apple Machine

Apple products are becoming more and more popular over time and it’s common for us to be asked to make repairs on these systems. If you have an issue with yours, you’ll probably want our help to get it running again. There’s a few reasons it makes sense to rely on us rather than the Apple Store. The first is that we are faster and often more proficient at fixing the actual problem. Another reason is because we are more affordable. We understand the equipment, and how to fix the systems properly so that you can use your Mac again as soon as possible.


Remove Viruses

Viruses are a serious problem to systems and they can damage a home or business machine when you least expect it. There are weak points in every system and viruses exploit those points. We figure out what sort of virus you are dealing with and rely on our powerful software to fix the issue and protect your computer more effectively. With our help, you can secure your system and prevent future break ins so that you can make the most of your computer.


Fix Laptops

Laptops are more difficult to work on than desktop computers, and some companies simply won’t deal with them. We aren’t one of those companies. We understand that you want to access the Internet and that you probably have important files on your system. WE can fix the screen, the battery, the charger and many other common parts of your laptop computer. Heck, we can probably even replace the camera for you if it stops functioning properly.


Speed up Your System

Slow computers are horrible to use. They feel cheap, they make you want to replace the system with a new one and many people do this with slow computers. This is a major mistake to make, and a good company can get your system running properly again, no matter how slow it feels to you. Just give us a call, and we’ll come in and monitor your system and the memory usage of your machine. We’ll suggest hardware upgrades when necessary, but most of the time we’ll just have to make some software changes to get things running properly once again.


Help You Backup Important Data

Data is everything on a computer and when something happens to your hard drive and you can no longer access family photos, important business information or just about anything else, it’s a big deal. That’s why we work hard to help owners secure their data and store it in a safe location. When you work with us we’ll explain how to back up data, give you the systems that you need to do the job and provide advice about how to move ahead in the future.


Restore Valuable Data

Data issues are always important and the last thing that anyone wants is to lose some important piece of information, but it happens all the time. If you run into a problem like this, it can be heartbreaking. Fortunately, we offer an information restoration service. While we cannot restore every bit of information, there are instances where we can get client information back for them. We could restore your files, data sets and other important pieces of information back to usable quality once again.


Warranty Repair

As a serious user of computer systems, eventually you’ll run into problems that need to be resolved. In some instances, it will be a simple software issue that an expert can fix for an affordable rate. In other instances, it will be hardware related. When it’s because of hardware it’s helpful to rely on a warranty whenever that’s an option. Warranties are affordable and allow you to get your information back without spending any money to do so.


Windows Install and Upgrade

Windows systems often must be repaired. When new versions of Windows come out owners want the features that come with it, or they simply want a computer that works like it is supposed to once again. We can reinstall windows for you, or upgrade an existing copy that you must have to utilize the new features that you would like. These services are quite affordable and can help you take the standard software of your system and make it into something better overall.


Repair and Install Computer Hardware

The computer hardware of a system is all the parts that make it up. When something goes wrong with hardware, usually the only way to keep the system running is to replace that piece of hardware. This is possible in most computers today, and we offer a service making the replacements as necessary. If you are having issue accessing your files, your system doesn’t function like it is supposed to, or you simply want to upgrade your system to something more capable, we can help you install the parts that you need in your computer. Our service is affordable and we can help you save money, versus buying that new Dell, Apple or Google product that you may have your eyes on.


Custom Built Computers

There’s nothing quite like working or playing on a computer that was built exactly for the purpose you’re using it for. It’s exciting, it’s incredibly satisfying and it’s well worth the investment. Sure, it costs a bit more to have a custom-built computer, versus buying a stock one from the store, but you’ll get exactly what you are looking for in the machine, which is worth the investment. When you pay for a cheap system you get what they give you. When we build your custom gaming or business machine, it will have hand-selected components to help you with your engineering, your programming, your gaming or anything else that you will use it for.


iPhone and Cell Phone Repair

Cell phones wear out over time, even quality ones like the iPhone. There’s also a good chance that something will happen to them during regular everyday use. That’s why it’s important to work with a company like us, that offers repair services. We can help get you back a regular functioning device once again, so that you can continue enjoying them and making the most of them. We work on Android, Blackberry and iPhone devices as well as all the different Google products. You’ll be using those apps, that camera and all the other useful functions before you know it. We also provide tablet repair services so that you can get all your mobile devices fixed up and ready to function like they are supposed to once again.


Repair Printers

Printers are used heavily in office environments today and they are quite costly. It usually doesn’t make sense to replace a printer because it is broken. That’s why we repair them on a regular basis. We can help you get your printer running perfectly again, so that you don’t have to make an expensive purchase or go without the tech.


Keeping up with computers, electronics and other tech gadgets is difficult and time consuming. Give our office in Capitola to find out what we can do for you.


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