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Computers aren’t built to last forever. Eventually they should be upgraded, repaired or scrapped. It’s just important to avoid scrapping them for as long as possible. That’s why we prefer to help owners with repairs or upgrades whenever possible.


Repair Your System

Over time computer components wear out, hopefully that happens during the warranty period so that you can get a replacement for free. If you do have an issue with your system, such as a failed screen, a power supply that isn’t turning on the unit, or any other hardware-based problem, we can repair your computer and get it running again. Your computers don’t always have to be tossed out and it’s much better to complete a repair than it is to just get rid of a full system. After we’ve refurbished your laptop or desktop, we’ll give it back to you and you can enjoy the proper functioning unit once again.


Make an Upgrade

Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, a Windows machine or an Apple product, we can offer you a slew of possible upgrades that you can add to make your systems more powerful and dependable. We offer RAM add-ons to allow your system to run more programs at the same time. We can add a larger hard drive so that you have more storage for important files. We’ll even change the processor or the graphics card to let your system run more demanding games or software applications.


It’s important to realize that not every system can be upgraded and we’ll let you know when your equipment has been maxed out, and what your current options are. Some of our upgrades are quite cheap, but there are more expensive parts as well. We’ll outline the costs to enhance your machine, and then we’ll either make the changes or skip them depending on what you want.


Whether your computer is too slow and you want to make it faster, or your system isn’t functioning at all, we can help get your system up and running properly once again. Just ask us for help and we’ll offer either repair or upgrade services depending on what you need.


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