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Many people make the mistake of buying new computers when they don’t need them. Have you ever got sick and tired of a laptop or desktop because it became progressively slower over time? This is not a hardware problem and there is no need to go out and buy new systems because your others are slow. Most of the time this is just a software issue, especially on Windows, and it’s not too difficult to have the problem resolved. Our company helps speed up computers all the time. We do this by clearing out the memory, replacing parts when necessary and making improvements that are needed, but it’s rare that we recommend an upgraded machine.


Clearing off Unnecessary Clutter

Often slow computers just have too many programs running in the background at one time. An experienced technician can come in and shut off the unnecessary programs and dramatically speed up the operation of your system. You’ll notice that the internet loads faster, programs open quicker and you can get more done on your machine with less effort after going through this process.


Removing Viruses

One of the biggest problems with computers today is that they have viruses on them. It’s very easy to get a virus or two on a Windows or Apple computer and for that little program to slow down the system. When that happens, you simply must clean off the machine and refresh it a bit to get those speeds back up to where they are supposed to be. We have technicians that can handle this job simply.


If you have a computer that’s slowing down, don’t make the mistake of investing in new equipment, unless your system is at least five years old, and instead pay to have it repaired. You’ll enjoy the savings that you get by paying for help, and you’ll probably get some valuable information about how to prevent the issue in the future. It’s a good investment for your system and should help improve your operating speeds dramatically.


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