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Gamers are one of the few customers that still have a need for high powered desktop machines, and we know just how important it is to get all the hardware and equipment just right to run the latest games at maximum settings.


Top End Graphics

The most important aspect of a gaming PC is the graphics card. Without a card with enough power your system will struggle to run quality games. That’s why we will help you hand pick the very best graphics card for your budget and your build. It’s not always a simple process, but we’ll explain the best options available and help you figure out the one that means the most for your gaming experience.


Leading Processor

Games today take a lot out of the computers processor, which is why it’s one of the most important parts that you’ll put into your system. We can recommend different processor variations depending on your budget and the gaming experience that you want, or we can


The Right Software

Generally, as a computer gamer you’ll want a Microsoft Windows operating system. That’s because most developers create games for this software and make it very easy to access their programs if you have a Windows machine. With that said, we can get you a license for a quality version of Windows, and even dual boot another operating system like Linux on your machine as well if you have additional needs. If you are into engineering or programming, we can help build you a system that will work well for that as well as gaming.


If you want to start playing the latest games out with excellent frames per second and silky smooth playback, you need to give us a call and find out about our custom gaming PC service. You’ll be happy that you did.



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