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The screen is the heart of a laptop and when that part of the device fails the device is nearly useless. It’s frustrating to have to rely on an external monitor, and any laptop owner with a failed screen will want to get the system repaired or refurbished as soon as possible. We help owners with screen problems on a regular basis. We stock many common hardware components to fix screens, and can order the ones that we don’t have quickly.


Screen Replacement

Many times, when there are screen issues on your computer the full screen is bad and needs replacement. This isn’t a hard repair for an experienced technician, and we can offer the service reliably so that you can get your computer functioning properly once again. You’ll receive a new product, and will enjoy a high-quality screen replacement including the speakers, the webcam and any other components that are in the system as well. We offer the repair to both personal and business systems and can get your laptop up and running properly again quickly and easily.


Repair Screen Connection

In some instances, the screen itself on your system won’t be damaged, but the connection to the screen will have a problem. In these instances, our technicians can sometimes repair just that connection and get our system running again for less. They will examine your system closely and figure out the full cause of the problem. They’ll start with cheap fixes first and only consider a full replacement after ruling out all the simpler options.


No matter what issue you have with your laptop screen, we can handle it faster and get your Microsoft, Google or Apple product up and running once again. When the problem is fixed, we can move on to dealing with a slow system or any other issues that you have as well to get it running as good as possible.


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