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Most people today run into issues with their computers or devices at one point or another. Whether they have viruses, slow down issues or problems with hardware, these are issues that need to be resolved. Many people simply throw out their laptops, desktops and replace them with a new unit, but that’s not a good way to do it. It’s much better to simply get repairs done and save some money in the process. That’s why our company offers extensive, repair, maintenance and diagnostic services for computers, tablets, mobile phones and most other electronic devices.


Repair at Your Location

There’s no need to drive out to a repair shop for parts, equipment or help from technicians. You can get all those things right in your own location. That’s because we offer an on-site repair service. We’ll send out a technician to help you with any issues that you have, so you don’t have to make the trip on your own. You’ll save time and get the repairs that you need for your business or personal devices.


PC Service and Repair

It doesn’t matter if you have an actual broken system, or you just want to keep it in good shape. We have the services to help make sure that your system remains up to date and that it is running properly. Our team of experts can make upgrades to your computer, they can solve most common problems with it and make hardware replacements as needed. We even sell off some refurbished models that you can use in place of your own if a recovery is not possible.


Work on Apple and Mac Devices

It’s common for local shops to not deal with Apple products. That’s because they are often more difficult to work with and parts are harder to source for these devices. Not to mention that there are licensing considerations. We offer repairs and maintenance services for all types of Mac computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Whether you have a broken iPhone or a broken MacBook Air, we can help get it functioning properly once again.


Handle Viruses

Computer viruses are a serious issue that can take a top-grade computer and make it function like a cheap toy. Not only will it mess with the programs and speed of your system, but viruses can also hurt your security and leave you with internet that isn’t functioning properly. These are all problems that can happen with a personal product or a business solution, and it’s important to have viruses fixed as quick as you can. We work with infected systems on a regular basis and can fix your system for you if you’re dealing with these problems.


Data Recovery and Backup Services

Data is the heart and soul of most businesses today and even standard households rely heavily on data stored on computers. We have the software necessary to recover lost data, and we can help you come up with a backup solution that you can use regularly as well. We can put a tool in place that will allow you to protect all your information so that you don’t run into a problem in the future. We’ll show you how to use the solution so that maintenance is quick and easy. If you want to make sure that your files are safe, it’s important to go through the necessary steps to protect them, and that’s what we can offer you.


Fix Your Laptop

Laptops tend to be more expensive than desktops, and they develop problems just the same. The only difference is that they are quite a bit more difficult to maintain than standard desktop computers are. If you are having troubles with your laptop, we can help solve the hard issues so that it will run good again. Our agents will examine your system for a problem and then fix it. We fix issues like battery or charger problems, as well as camera and screen problems.


Solve Slowdown Issues

One of the most frustrating things about older computers is that they become full, develop problems and run slowly. You’ll notice that most Microsoft or Windows machines develop this problem over time, but they are not the only ones. If you have a system that’s beginning to slow down and be unusable, you don’t need to replace it, you just need to have some maintenance done. An experienced professional can help bring your systems back up to good quality performance again. They will clear up the memory and you’ll notice that the slow speed vanishes. A quick scan and a tool or two and your system will be back to life once again.


Covered Under Warranty

Computer repairs can be quite costly, and many times the problems aren’t safe for you to keep dealing with. That’s because your system components are put under added stress when something isn’t working properly. That’s why it is best to have your system fixed when it is still under warranty of you can. We deal with warranty issues all the time and can help get your fix done faster and more effectively than some of the other companies out there that offer help. You won’t have to deal with the manufacturer themselves and this means that most repairs happen more quickly overall. This is a major improvement over the standard warranty process, which is why our service has such positive ratings overall.


Windows Install and Upgrade

Windows systems get dated over time and you will experience issues with them eventually. If you are fine with the current features that you have on your system, then it’s fine to just replace redo the operating system and get the system running properly again. If you would rather get more features and some of the new and exciting offers, you’ll have to upgrade Windows instead. Our experts understand how to do this for cheap, and can offer you help through the process. WE have the info to handle a full upgrade, and can do it quickly, while protecting your data.


Enhance or Repair Hardware

Computer hardware is not designed to last forever, eventually it is going to wear out. When it does, your system won’t function properly any longer. When that happens it’s important that you take the time to fully repair the system before you use it. We offer hardware repair services and can get your system running properly in your home once again. Whether you are a mechanic, engineering professional or you deal with programming, we can make sure that your system works properly again.


Custom Built Computers

A custom computer is a cool feature that many people simply don’t have. If you want a device for a very specific purpose, you should think about having one built for you. It’s not a cheap service, but the results are quite impressive. When you go with the right keyboard, monitor and internal components, you’ll get a system that does everything you want it to. You could get a powerful gaming machine or something designed for your work tasks.


iPhone and Cell Phone Repair

Our office in Scotts Valley also offers services taking care of mobile devices. We treat mobile phones such as the iPhone or Blackberry devices. If you have a problem that you need taken care of on your smaller device, we can help you get it working once again.


Tablet Repair

Tablets are increasing in popularity and we can help bring your back to life if you have an issue with it. It doesn’t matter if the camera goes bad, it loses power or some other common issue. WE have experts that understand these systems and can fix the problem that it develops.


Printer Repair

Printer repair is a valuable service that can bring your machine back to life. It’s important for offices with machines that cost more than $1,000, because getting this type of repair service can save a whole lot of money. We have the experience to handle these repairs capably and get you up and running again.


If you live in the Scotts Valley area, get in touch with us and we’ll help you get the tech repair, maintenance or upgrade service that you need.



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