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Most people and businesses rely on technology to get things done today. Whether you want to look up information about a local business, or you simply want to check the weather for the day, you are using technology. That’s why it’s so difficult when technology breaks down. Laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, they all break down over time. When that happens, you are forced to decide between fixing them yourself, replacing them or going with professional help. We offer professional help in Soquel, so that you won’t have to consider making a replacement instead.


Offering Service and Maintenance

Computers become slow over time and it can be incredibly annoying when this happens to one of your systems. If you run into an issue where you have systems that aren’t running as fast as they should be, or you are trying to deal with a minor problem that has developed over time, you’re probably sick and tired of dealing with it. We offer a maintenance and service package to our customers. An expert technician will look at your system and help speed it up, resolve any issues that it’s having and provide you with advice about how to take care of your system so you don’t run into problems in the future.


Working at Your Location

One of the biggest hassles about getting software or hardware repairs from a computer shop is having to drive to the location to get the work done. Not only does this take a lot of time out of your day, but it also means that you must drive to the shop, drop off the item and then pick it up later. Instead of making you do this, we offer an on-site repair service so that you can have all your problems fixed right at your location. You’ll enjoy our repair services without having to leave home.


Working on Apple Systems

We offer dedicated support and help for Mac and Apple systems. That means you can bring in that MacBook Pro, that iPhone or any other Apple product that you have and we’ll fix it up for you if there is a problem. We can repair things under warranty and make affordable repairs to your systems otherwise as well. It’s not cheap, but it is good quality repairs.


Virus Removal

One thing that can really harm computers and other systems is viruses. These little programs are designed by programmers to do damage to systems or to compromise the information that they hold. They work quickly and can take a perfectly functional system and make it work poorly. If you notice a slow down or another issue you could have a virus. We can scan your system, find them and use PC-Doctor software to repair issues so that you don’t have to worry about them any longer.


Recover and Back Up Data

Every single computer is used to manage some important data. The worst thing that could happen to most people is for them to lose some of that information or even all of it. It’s always a possibility when you rely on computers to take care of your information. To help combat against this possibility, it’s important to rely on backup measures and careful data management. If you are not sure how to do this yourself, we can offer you advice about how to accomplish this and get all your files stored away safely. We’ll walk you through the process and help you make any changes as necessary. We can also help you recover lost data if you hold onto your drives as well. We have special software that’s designed to extract information that is corrupted and it can restore some of that information for you.


Fix Your Laptop

Even if you can work on your own desktop computer, chances are good that you will have some trouble working on a laptop computer. That’s because they are much more difficult to work with, and you’ll have to take the whole thing apart to reach many of the components. It’s a better idea to rely on a professional if you need to do anything like replace the screen, or repair the battery or charger of your system. We can offer all those services to you affordably and make sure that your computer is running like it is supposed to be.


Repair Under Warranty

Many people fear having to get a system repaired under warranty, especially if it’s a particularly important computer or device. That’s because warranty repairs take weeks to complete most of the time when you go through the manufacturer. We can offer a faster alternative to standard warranty repairs. We can provide you with the same repair services that you need, we’ll just complete them in less time so that you can go on enjoying your system and getting work done with it.


Upgrade or Install a New Copy of Windows

Windows computers are known for wearing out over time, but many times it’s not the hardware of the system but the software itself. When this happens, you can often maintain it to improve performance, but eventually the best way to get things running properly again is to do a full reinstall of Windows. We do this for clients all the time and it’s a fast and painless process with our help. We preserve important data while going through the process quickly. We can also help you upgrade your system to a new model of Windows for more exciting features to make use of.


Working with Hardware in Soquel

There are some computer repair shops that won’t deal with hardware any longer and that only fix issues with a computer that are software related. We understand that eventually hardware goes bad and we can help with hardware replacement or upgrades. We’ll swap out parts that have gone bad, we can add RAM to your system or upgrade that process or graphics card in your desktop to get it running more games.


Custom Built Creations

While it’s convenient to just go to the store and grab a computer to use at home or in your business, that’s not always the best way to go about it. When you have one custom built you get exactly what you need. Whether you are handling engineering, programming or gaming tasks, we can make sure that you have the hardware, the software and the accessories you need to complete the task. We can even set you up with things like a keyboard and monitor to help make the system complete when it arrives.


Mobile Device Repair

Mobile devices breakdown just like computers do, and since they’re carried around so much they are also subject to more accidental damage. We fix common parts of mobile devices such as screens, cameras, power ports, batteries and other sections that wear out over time. If you’re having trouble with your system, we can make the necessary repairs to it and get it running properly once again. We can even help you find a good refurbished unit, or look over your new device to be sure that it’s running properly.


Fix Your Printer

While less people are relying on printers today, many businesses still use them heavily and they break down over time. It just doesn’t make sense to replace these units when they fail, which is why we take the time to make any necessary repairs on them instead. We’ll go over your system and figure out exactly what is wrong with it. We can also help reinstall parts that wear out over time like toner cartridges to ensure that everything is running properly.


No matter what issues you’re having with your devices in Soquel, give us a call and we can help you with a repair. We’ll walk you through the problem, let you know what your options are and then offer our services to you so you can make use of the device once again.


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