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Computers, tablets, smartphones and other electronics are relied upon extensively to get work done today. When one of these systems fails, it can be incredibly frustrating and not an experience that you’ll want to go through often. We offer an electronics repair service in the Watsonville area and can bring laptops, desktops and mobile devices back to life after they have an issue.


Repairs Done Where You Are

Computer repairs take time and it’s a big inconvenience to have to bring your system into a repair shop and then pick it up again after all the work is done. That’s why we offer technicians that will go right out to your office or your home and make the repairs for you there. You just need to give us a call, and we’ll dispatch a trained professional to assess your system and make it function properly once again.


Software Fixes

Many times, computer problems are software issues. When that is the case it is easy to solve the issue and get the computer running once again. Our team has special programs and tools to help with diagnosing computer problems to get a unit running the way it is supposed to be. They can look at your system, find the root of the problem and then make the fix so that you can enjoy it once again.


Hardware Fixes

Just about every piece of hardware, or the parts in that computer that you have at home are going to wear out eventually. That’s because they are mechanical parts and these parts go bad. You should prepare for this to happen, and when it does, we can replace the parts or make an upgrade for you. We have experienced technicians that understand how a Windows or Microsoft system works and what type of hardware it takes. They will assess the problem in your system, figure out what is causing that problem and then make the repair. This is a straightforward process most of the time, and it will get your computer working properly once again.


Apple System Repair

There are plenty of Apple and Mac products on the market today. With so many different units you would expect there to be many places that you can go to have a problem fixed. That’s not the case though. There are usually only a few local ways to fix a problem with your Apple device, which means relying on your slim options, or looking for a new one. We offer Apple repairs just like repairs to most other types of systems we can look over your system and fix obvious problems with it. They can also make software repairs if any are needed to get things running quickly and effectively.


Change or Replace Your Windows Installation

Microsoft Windows is one of the most popular types of software used in the country. It’s relied upon heavily to do things like run games, edit photos and movies and take on standard everyday tasks. If you own one of these Windows machines you’ll likely have to replace the operating system eventually, or reinstall the product at the very least. We offer this service to customers from around the Watsonville area. We can send a tech over to your house to figure out what type of Windows you can have on your system and to either reinstall the software, or completely replace it with something else if it is not worth the time and effort of installing it. We’ll upgrade you to another version of Windows, or help you through the process of replacing your current version so that it functions properly again.


Protect Your Data or Recover It

If you run a business you probably already know just how important data can be. Good data can make a business and losing valuable data can break one. That’s why it is up to you to stay on top of the data on your system and make sure that it’s properly backed up. We offer backup services and can give you advice or help you setup a backup system that will take care of all your computer data so that you have it all available to you when you need it later.


If you’ve already lost your valuable data, and you’re trying to get it back, we can also help you try and obtain those files once again. We’ll look through your system, find the cause of the problem and then make the necessary repairs to keep our system running properly.


Remove Viruses

A computer virus can take a healthy machine and turn it into a sluggish and poorly working product. You’ll wonder how you ever used the system once you get a virus, and that’s only because the system is being taken advantage of. May virus programs will slow down your computer and make it impossible to connect to the Internet. We’ll look over your system to make sure it wasn’t hacked and that a virus wasn’t added to it. After going through this security measure, we can offer you the best luck for home security and explain some issues along the way as well.


Fast Computer

One of the best things about getting a brand-new computer is how fast it runs. These new machines are lightning quick and will offer you the performance that you want. They’ll help you get business tasks done faster and handle personal tasks as well. Unfortunately, they never stay that way and over time they will progressively become slower and slower. This is an issue that we can fix for you with a bit of work. We’ll identify the cause of your system problems, usually program or memory related, and then offer a plan of attack on it. We’ll explain what we are going to do and then make the major change. The process is quite simple, but it’s worth taking the time to go through.


Complete Laptop Repair

A laptop computer is the same as a desktop computer, just in a smaller package. They are highly convenient and enable you to do a range of tasks while away from the desk. IF you run into problems on your computer, there are experts that know how to repair them and that might be able to fix your issue for you. We offer laptop repair services that help with things like the laptop battery going bad, a camera that stops functioning or a screen that’s broken.


We work on Microsoft, Google and Apple products and can get your laptop functioning properly with a bit of hard work. We’ll help you get your computer sorted out, or recommend a good replacement if it’s not repairable.


Fix Mobile Devices

Mobile devices like tablets and smartphones are becoming much more common around the world. For that reason, people are constantly having problems with them and needing replacements or fixes. We work with Android, Microsoft, Blackberry and Apple mobile devices to fix common issues. We’ll replace screens, fix the charging port, repair battery issues and fix a whole host of other problems with your mobile device as well.


Repair Issues Under Warranty

A good warranty is worth paying a bit more for a brand-new computer. When making the purchase, you get to enjoy a top-notch machine and protective coverage for years after the purchase. If you have a problem later, we can help fix the issue while covering it under warranty. That means that you’ll get help fast and easily, and the work will often be done for free to you That means you can enjoy using your computer faster, and that you won’t have to sit around waiting for the company to complete the fixes for you.


Custom Computer Construction

If you’re an engineer, a programmer, a business professional, a gamer or anyone else, there are specific computers that will work best for you. When you go with our custom computer construction service, we’ll sit down and give you advice about the very best components for your needs. We’ll talk about what your options are and eventually you’ll put together a list of the type of components that you want in your new system. From there we will assemble all the equipment that’s needed and get your computer up and running for you.


Computer repair is tough, and it’s difficult to find a good company to handle most of your repair issues. If you have a problem in the Watsonville area, give us a call and we’ll help solve it for you.


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