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Over time your Windows installation is probably aging, which means one of two things. Either you’ll have to do a fresh install of it at some point, or you’ll want to upgrade to a new system that provides better performance and more features. Either way, you might not be ready to handle such an important task yourself, but we can help you through the process. We specialize in computer maintenance and improvements and have the programs to install Windows or upgrade your current Microsoft system to a more advanced one.


Back Up Files

With every Windows change, it’s important to make sure that you backup your important files. That’s because there is always a risk that you’ll lose things during the process, even if you are careful. Before our technicians initialize the upgrade or installation programs, they will go over your systems memory and back up the information, just in case something happens along the way that might cause problems.


Upgrade Your System

Windows will eventually become outdated, and when that happens you’ll want to take your technology to the next level. You’ll probably still want to go with something from the Microsoft company so that you are familiar with what you get, but it makes sense to go up from your current operating system to something better. A Vista user might want to move up to 7, 8 or even Windows 10. No matter what version of windows you have currently, there are plenty of upgrade options for you that we can discuss.


After we evaluate your current system we’ll offer our help and explain what you can have done to your system. You’ll quickly find out which types of Windows you can get and we’ll bring along the software with us to make a fresh installation for you if necessary.


Reinstall Windows

Sometimes you like the version of Windows that you have on your laptop or desktop, but you simply don’t like the way the technology is currently performing. That doesn’t mean you need a new piece of hardware, it often just means that you need drivers, or you just need to go through a recovery process for your system. One of the best ways to get things going well again is to go through the full installation process again and to put a brand-new copy of Windows on the system.


Give us a call if you need a Windows Installation or upgrade, we can guide your system through the process fast so that you can start playing again.


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